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8 Ways to Well-being

Our model is based on our “8 Ways of Wellbeing” concept, expanding the traditional 5 Ways (Connect, Take Notice, Give, Be Active, Keep Learning) to include; Care for Self, Care for the Community and Care for the Planet.

We are based at the Field of Dreams in Henfield, a Community Conservation Care Farm set in 18 acres of beautiful countryside near the River Adur.
Our primary focus is to improve wellbeing, by providing a safe, outdoor space to foster hope and emotional wellbeing, by engaging with nature and animals.

  •  Connect

  •  Take Notice

  •  Give

  •  Be Active

  • Keep Learning    Plus....

  • Care for Self

  • Care for the Community

  •  Care for the Planet

We work within our community, supporting individuals, families, schools, NHS, local authority and other 3rd sector organisations to reduce mental ill-health, self-harm and suicide ideation. Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of all; people, the wildlife and the land itself.  

Please contact us on 07939 567228

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