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Martine Penn - Horse Specialist

When I was a young child with my first pony, I was told the following:-

“Horses never deliberately misbehave, if a horse is not behaving as you would like, stop and think what you need to change, never blame the horse.”

I owe a great deal of my success with horses to being told this!

My experience with horses started when I was bought my first pony at nine years old. I was a very active pony club member, completing all the relevant exams to instructor level, I also taught riding and worked as a groom at weekends, whilst still at school. I also helped my sister run a livery yard and re-schooled horses with behavioural problems, whilst taking my A levels.

To be able to afford my equestrian lifestyle and horses, I worked in banking and finance, qualifying as an independent financial adviser, whilst in my spare time competing in show jumping, eventing, dressage and showing horses, and even attending courses in both horse psychology and horse behaviour.
Now, married with two pony mad daughters’ and my own private yard of horses, I am certified to level 1 with EAGALA, as an Equine Specialist Professional and am now able to use my lifetime experience of trying to understand the non- verbal communication of horses, to deliver skilful coaching and specialist therapy (together with a qualified counsellor, therapist or life coach).


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