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Case Studies and Client Comments


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Case Studies

Four Legged Mirror


The bond between man and horse has been imperative throughout our history; Four Legged Mirror is an inherently observational film that seeks to explore a new depth to this relationship.

Conceived, produced, shot and edited by Niki Ashby in 2011, as part of the MA in Documentary Practice at Brunel University, with the help of Joan Gill.

BBC2 “Am I Normal” with Tanya Byron

Horse therapy for 7/7 trauma victims
(click here to watch associated video)

Paul Vasey

Client Comments

"This has been a really wonderful experience - Thank you! It has brought up SO much for me and in a very short space of time. It’s been so effective in giving me some powerful insights into my behaviour and has been hugely enjoyable in the process.

I would recommend this to friends and clients. They’re hearing about it from me already anyway!"

"Thank you for a really inspiring afternoon. I have always avoided horses and have been rather scared and afraid of getting close to them. On Friday I experienced an afternoon when I met a horse and developed a closeness that had been missing previously. I learned much that will on reflection be valuable in my work as a consultant and as a leader of other consultants. I found an inner confidence that is going to accompany me towards my next role and the next level of the organisation in which I work. I was able to reconnect to an inner emotional well that has brought me joy and deep contentment."

"I just want to say a very big thank you.  I found the session with you - and with the horses very moving and very enjoyable and lots more that it is not possible to put into words.  What a worthwhile experience to have had.  I am letting it all be digested and enjoying thinking back to everything that happened."

“by the end of the session, some magical alchemical happening seemed to occur. I didn’t care anymore! I was like a child at the funfare! Everything was fine. I no longer had anxiety or negative thoughts running through my head.

It was like we were all equal-humans and horses alike. We were all One! It’s like there was a feeling of love and acceptance in the whole group. It was actually heavenly. I felt that we were in a space of ‘being’ in the present moment of ‘now’. It was a place of huge possibility-including one for immense creativity and healing. It was a big and wonderful and amazing place. It’s as if this therapeutic process, assisted by the facilitators and horses, brought me to this place of loveliness. They acted as a catalyst for me to observe a far finer part of myself”

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