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Shine for Life

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"This has been a really wonderful experience - Thank you! It has brought up SO much for me and in a very short space of time. It’s been so effective in giving me some powerful insights into my behaviour and has been hugely enjoyable in the process.

I would recommend this to friends and clients. They’re hearing about it from me already anyway!"

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Gabrielle Gardner - Horse Specialist

Helen Brown - Therapist

Our Horses 

We work with different horses and ponies depending on the client group and location. Here you can meet our core team of four legged colleagues and find out how you can support them in continuing this work. 

Hello, I've been working with Shine for Life since 2006 and have met lots of people from a wide range of backgrounds.            

I have recently joined the Shine team where my life was saved and I have been given a new opportunity to help others who have had to overcome challenges and disability. 

I am the oldest and wisest of the bunch ;) I spent most of my working life in a riding school and am now looking forward to teaching people about themselves.

If you would like to donate to Shine for Life to help us in our work and provide care and respite to some of the horses we have rescued from slaughter please call now on 07939 567228 or click here to donate via paypal. 

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